Spanish Newspapers and News Sites for Learners of All Levels

Reading and listening to the news in a certain language is a great way to practice it—if you’re keeping up with current affairs anyway, why not do it in Spanish?! These days you can buy a paper or just access free content online!They help you develop a daily learning habit. Here at My Daily Spanish, we believe that the best way to make a language stick is not to have long, tedious study sessions, but to practice a little bit every day. The news is ideal because—well—it happens every day.

You can tailor your learning to your interests. Politics? Sport? Music? You can pretty much guarantee that there’s something available to you in Spanish for whatever topics you genuinely like. The more interested you are, the more motivated you’ll beOnce you’ve explored a few of these new sources, you might find that some align with your political views more than others. In the interest of representation, this list includes sources from across the spectrum, with a tentative indication of their political stances. We do not necessarily endorse the content of these news sources.

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